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November 2010

Life as a S.S.O.F.F.*

Life as a S.S.O.F.F.
There are approximately 24 million divorced or widowed women in the U.S. alone.  To many of these divorcees and widows, it happened quite suddenly.  By suddenly, I mean not planned or anticipated.  You too may be one of these 24 million women, or you may know one, or several.
If divorced, maybe the marriage wasn’t ideal, but you weren’t considering divorce at the time.  Or perhaps your spouse simply walked out without warning.  Hey – it happens! Look at Camille Grammer, to name a recent S.S.O.F.F.
If widowed, even if your spouse suffered a prolonged illness, a full recovery was anticipated, and being left alone just wasn’t an option.    Regardless of the circumstances, being single again hadn’t been in the picture.
Now, however, single is not only in the picture – it is your life!  No matter who you are, what your religious beliefs, your heritage, your career, your age. . . .you are in the same boat with millions of other women.  And while misery may love company, misery is no way to live.  And I speak from personal experience.
I found that knowing others share “the boat” was a vital step to recovering my equilibrium. Instead of being afraid of drowning in that sea of misery, I was able to look forward to regaining dry land. (Okay, enough of the metaphor.)  All I’m saying is, there is comfort in knowing others have been there and understand.  We can learn from each other – how to proceed with this new life, how to look forward with hope and optimism.  And so much more!
It is my sincere wish in the months ahead to share information and experiences that we may all benefit from, see the humor in, and allow ouselves to make the transition to a brighter, healthier future.
I hope to have you join me on this journey.  I look forward to traveling with you!  
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