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Rita Lee Lloyd
Rita Lee Lloyd, a native Californian, was born and raised in Los Angeles.  Her father, a WWII Veteran and playwright, and her mother, a homemaker who wrote poetry as a hobby, encouraged Rita to pursue her creative dreams while always remembering to earn a living along the way.
Though Rita never gave up her dreams, out of necessity, earning a living became a priority over creative pursuits for many years.  While working in the finance industry, Rita taught adult classes for the Institute of Financial Education and served on the Board of Directors.  As a member of the local Chamber of Commerce she served on the Education Committee, proposing an Excellence in Effort award for Junior High School students.  She also served on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Chapter of Civitan International and various other business networks and women’s groups.  She is currently a member of the Southern California Writer’s Association, and Action Associates Business Network.
Widowed in her forty’s with a son still in school, Rita embarked on a path of self-discovery. After 20 years in the corporate world she began a clothing business, Women for all Seasons, featuring custom outfits of her own design. Education always being a priority, she enrolled in what she termed “fun” classes in acting, improvisation and public speaking.  It was as a result of an acting class that she came upon the opportunity to audition for a television commercial.  To her surprise, she was offered the part and consequently spent several years acting and modeling in the television and film industry. (re)Creating herself was a big part of Rita’s survival technique and as she puts it, “I’m still working at it!”
With encouragement from friends and family, Ms. Lloyd further tapped into her creative gene pool and put her survival experiences in writing.  The result is her first book, "How to Survive in the 21 Century as a S.S.O.F.F.*", an entertaining and informative look at her own method of survival as a "*Suddenly Single Over Forty Female." 
Inheriting her Welsh father’s thirst for knowledge and her mid-western mother’s work ethic, Ms Lloyd grew up knowing life involves a lot of hard work but it’s okay to play as well, and it’s all worth it!  Being the proud mother of a grown daughter and son, and even prouder grandmother of two, Rita continues to pursue her creative dreams and plans on sharing these pursuits with others indefinitely!
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